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Resoling: Behind the Scenes

We often get our best ideas from our customers.  One of our first SOM-os came to us with a concern:  he loved his SOMs and wanted to keep wearing his current pair, but the tread on the soles was nearly gone.  Olie was able to determine a resoling process that maintained the qualities the original sole offered so the shoe remained light and zero drop.  He knew that this customer would not be the only one who may need resoling services in the future.  That’s when SOM Footwear decided to offer resoling on all of our shoes. When Olie designed..  - Read More

Order shoes online confidently: our Satisfaction Guarantee

We strongly believe that continuous improvement applies to all aspects of a company, not just the production line. With all of the new changes happening at SOM Footwear, we wanted to share that we have updated our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Customer satisfaction is our priority and we have updated some of our policies to better serve you. We proudly hand-make each pair of shoes in our factory in Colorado and stand behind the quality of our product.  Many of our customers already know and love the SOM experience, but for those ordering for the first time, we are committed to..  - Read More

Be Kind, Rewind

"Be kind, please rewind." You probably haven't heard that phrase since the 90's. Since we no longer use VHS tapes or cassettes, the phrase has become irrelevant in our everyday lives. Or has it? Here at SOM we are giving "be kind, rewind" a whole new meaning. I'm talking about being kind to your body and "rewinding" back to natural footwear. No cushioning, no raised heel, no arch support, just a simple shoe that lets your foot function the way nature intended. Humans have been living barefoot throughout most of our existence. A 2008 analysis in the Journal of Archaeological..  - Read More

The SOM Footwear Experience- Visiting the SOM Factory

"Wait, so you REALLY make the shoes here?!" "Yes, we make everything here in house. Would you like a tour of the factory?" Stop by the SOM Footwear factory on a Thursday afternoon and you will probably hear a conversation like this between a curious visitor and SOM co-owner Nathalie Bouchard. When you drive into the small city of Montrose, you probably wouldn't guess that it is the home of Colorado's only sneaker factory. With a strong agricultural background and quaint Main Street, Montrose sits nestled in the Uncompahgre Valley on the Western Slope of Colorado. If you ask me,..  - Read More

4 Tips for Strengthening Your Feet

If you've worn conventional footwear all your life, chances are your feet are weak. Conventional shoes act like a cast- they restrict the natural movement of the foot and make them become dependent on the cushioning and support that they provide. According to Ben Greenfield (Get-Fit Guy), "Stronger feet can relieve back pain, make you run faster, improve balance, and reduce ankle and foot injuries.". We rely on our feet to walk, run, and balance throughout our daily lives. Our feet are our roots. If you don't have a strong foundation, the rest of your body must compensate for the..  - Read More

Product Spotlight- Nag-iisa- Hearts N Roses

Love is in the air, and at the SOM factory, we are smitten with the Hearts N Roses Nag-iisa. Like our SP-L3 and Burgher models, the Hearts N Roses Nag-iisa delivers maximum comfort with every step, skip and jump you take. What's our secret? During the initial design phase, SOM founder Olie Marchal listened to his body and created arguably the most "natural" shoe on the market today. Rather than turning to the latest technology, he chose features that would compliment the foot and allow it to function as if it were barefoot, without the interference of "technology". The first..  - Read More

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