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Norwood Classic is a minimalist, zero-drop shoe with a wide toe-box for comfort around the office.
Norwood Classic
Norwood Classic
Norwood Classic
Norwood Classic
Norwood Classic

Norwood Classic

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The Norwood Classic offers everything you like for your office setting while providing the qualities you need for recreation: it is durable, stylish, more comfortable due to its flexible material, and definitely ready to handle all of your daily adventures. By choosing a made-in-USA upper material that adds an outstanding look, we made it classier than ever before. And yet, it is still a “vegan” shoe!  Learn how the Norwood got its name here.

    Key Features:

    • Zero-drop sole: allows your feet to lie flat on the ground, as nature designed.
    • Breathable upper fabric: Made in USA of a specially engineered polyester fiber matrix to maximize breath-ability, water resistance and comfort. This material does not contain any PVC or plasticizers and does not emit off-gases. With eyelet band and toebox made of synthetic suede for a classier look
    • Wide toebox: Allows toes to lay in their natural, flat position, offering improved balance, posture, and air-flow. Uses the same material as the eyelet band, for a classier look.
    • Cotton covered EVA insole: is removable if you want to use an orthotic.
    • Custom outsole: sheds mud and debris while providing secure traction and a smooth ride. (Please note that, presently, we cannot produce the following men sizes 4, 15 and 16.)
    • Lining: Breathable light mesh lining to keep your feet cool and dry.
    • Lacing: 6 rows of eyelets (Made in the USA) for a more precise lacing system. Oval black laces.
    • Weight: One size 9 shoe weighs 9.3 ounces (265 grams)
    • Vegan: No animal products were used in the making of the Norwood Classic.
    • Made in the USA: We are the ONLY sneaker company in Colorado that manufactures ALL of our shoe models right here, from raw materials to finished product.

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