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SOM Footwear shoes can be resoled to extend the life of your favorite pair of SOM sneakers.
When you can't see the tread lines because they have faded into the sole, you know you are ready for a resole.
Don't wait too long to get your pair resoled. If you start to see cracks forming, let us know.
If you can still see the tread lines, your shoes could go a little longer before needed a resole.
Please wash your shoes before sending them.
We can no longer resole shoes with Vibram soles.


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Put a fresh pair of soles on your SOMs!

Have your SOMs been worn down? Extend the life of your SOMs by replacing their soles. See how we resole.

We offer resoling for all models with SOM branded soles ("SOM" letters on the bottom). This includes replacement of the insoles. Resoling works best when the tread is worn on the soles but before there are any holes.  Please note: We are no longer able to resole shoes with Vibram soles (see photos to check which soles you have).

Please send us a photo of your SOMs' soles to so we can confirm your SOMs are ready for new soles.

Once ordered, please send your washed* SOMs to the factory: 1006 N. Cascade Ave Montrose, CO 81401. You are responsible for shipping costs to SOM Footwear; return shipping will be $10!

Resoling is free with the purchase of a new pair of SOMs, if the first pair was bought at a regular price! Just be sure to include both your new pair and resoling in the same order and we will manually remove the cost of the resoling.   


*Washing your SOMs

Simply toss your shoes in the wash machine on the normal setting with cold water and gentle soap. Let them dry in the shade (avoid direct heat). For the all-leather models, we recommend hand washing.