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Ambition, fuchshia canvas with black laces
Ambition, a fushia canvas from an angle point of view
Ambition, vibran fushia canvas with black laces
Ambition, fuchsia canvas from a front point of view


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Ambition is retiring - only few sizes available, price reduced

In response to customer requests for a SOM sneaker in brighter colors, we are pleased to announce the release of Ambition. The beautiful fuchsia of this sneaker with its contrasting black laces reflects your strength and ambition with a subtle message that won’t go unnoticed!

      Key Features:

      • Zero-drop sole: allows your feet to lie flat on the ground, as nature designed.
      • 15oz cotton canvas upper: durable and breathable.
      • Wide toebox: allows for improved balance, posture and air-flow.
      • Cotton covered EVA insole: is removable if you want to use an orthotic.
      • Custom outsole: sheds mud and debris while providing secure traction and a smooth ride. (Please note that, presently, we cannot produce the following men sizes 4, 15 and 16.)

       Shipping and Returns:

      • Our SOM Shipping Prime will cover the shipping of one pair of SOM, one exchange or return both ways, and will cover the cost of shipping your next pair(s) if bought within one year of your initial purchase. See our exchange and return policies here.

      Repeat Customers:

      • For our repeat customers, we are proud to offer $5 off your new pair of SOM shoes at regular price and FREE resoling of your old pair!


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