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Urban Trekker in Burgundy
Sole Mates from $99 to $149
Sole Mates from $99 to $149
Sole Mates from $99 to $149

Sole Mates from $99 to $149

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Looking For A Match!

Ever wonder what happens to the colors and models that don’t win the shoe manufacturing lottery?  We'd prefer to see them on your feet rather than collect dust on a shelf at our factory.  If your foot is a match, the Sole Mates offer you the chance to snatch up a pair like none other!

All of these shoes feature the same qualities you have come to expect from SOM—wide toe boxes for comfort, zero drop soles for stability, and lightweight flexibility for easy movement.  They are available only in the listed size and the "Email me when available" won't have any follow up

While we are happy to exchange to be sure you have a pair of SOMs that fit your feet, please note that any exchanges will be for a standard model at our standard model pricing.

Please note: not all of these models are vegan.  Feel free to email us with questions!

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SOM Footwear is proudly made in the USA.Colorado MadeSOM Footwear is compatible with Correct Toes toe spacers.


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