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First Impressions On the SP-L Rockies

by Aaron Kincer Aug 19, 2014

"The Good:

I did a P90X3 workout in them today for the first time it involved lots of lateral and vertical jumping along with burpees. The shoes performed exceptionally well. They were extremely comfortable and my feet stayed cool. (I have heat and moisture issues in my feet) The side walls of the shoes are made of a material that seems like it will allow feet to breathe quite easily or at least allow heat to dissipate. Of special note is that they are not stiff or uncomfortable out of the box. They feel like they've been worn for several months and been broken in. I tried to imagine an exercise for which they wouldn't perform well, but based on how comfortable and light they are, I wasn't able to come up with one.

The Bad:

Not much really. The shoestrings didn't come undone during a P90X3 cardio workout today, so I guess that that's not a concern like I had originally thought. Double knotting them of course is the easy fix if that were an issue. The immediate appearance of the shoes was interesting and I hesitate to call it "bad" because ultimately it wasn't. Once I put them on, they looked great and immediately someone in my workout group asked about them. I would say really the appearance is just an adjustment from the average shoe.


How well they will hold up both in general and to the ruthless assault from moisture my feet will provide remains to be seen. No shoe I've ever bought regardless of the material has stayed without odor issues for more than 6 months unless I bathe them in powders (not very appealing). I'll keep you posted.


I'm very excited about them both in how comfortable they were under load but also for how unique they are in every aspect. The shoes do a great job of balancing sufficient cushioning to shield you from debris yet still provide a feeling of connectedness between your foot and the ground.


- Aaron Kincer


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