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Good Mood

by SOM Sense Of Motion Footwear
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The Good Mood blends natural fibers with casual comfort

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Complement the natural motion of your foot with our natural fiber model featuring organic hemp and cotton fabrics.
Great for busy afternoons around town, workdays, or lazy Sundays, the Good Mood is sure to put a spring in your step.

Bring the ground closer than ever to your feet with our nature inspired Good Mood.  This model displays a rich forest green woven organic hemp upper while enveloping your feet in a cozy natural fiber lining of hemp and cotton.  The earth-toned toe box material keeps the shoe breathable and is vegan-friendly. The laid-back feel and put-together look make the Good Mood a great choice for most day to day activities. The SOM design encourages feet to return to their natural way of walking—leaving you more grounded.

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VeganSOM Footwear is compatible with Correct Toes toe spacers.SOM Footwear is proudly made in the USA.

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