Barefoot-style sneakers, directly from our Colorado factory to your feet.

New SOM wool socks are super comfortable and stress to have an awesome time. They proudly display the Colorado flag on every pair.
SOM Footwear's merino wool socks are soft and allow your feet to breathe.
SOM Footwear's low cut socks are awesome and comfortable
Our latest SOM socks are awesome and provide style and comfort wherever your feet may travel.

SOM AweSOMe merino wool socks

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Time to hit the trail in our Merino wool SOM socks!

We invite you to try our SOM AweSOMe Socks, which are made right here in Colorado. Our state flag is featured on the front of the cuff, and the message along the sides urges you to have an "AweSOMe!" time wherever your feet may roam.

The socks are made of 55% Merino wool, flat knitted with a 1” cuff. With the cuff, the sock will come just above the shoe. Merino wool is a natural fiber that comes from Merino sheep, so is renewable and biodegradable. It’s finer and softer than regular wool, making it easy to wear next to your skin. Each fiber naturally helps regulate body temperature, transports sweat away as a vapor and, due to its natural antibacterial properties, cancels out odors. Order a pair with your shoes!

Note: Our socks are designed and knitted in Colorado in partnership with our friends at Save Our Soles, who make quality performance socks.  The socks should be laid flat to dry in order to preserve sizing.

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