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We're very excited to announce that the first generation of colorful SOM sneakers is out; the sneakers have been displayed at the Norwood Farm and Craft Fair for the second weekend in a row!

“Sharing with friends, and friends of friends is a rewarding experience” says Nathalie; “in part this is why we are starting local: we want our friends and customers to share in our growth”.

               We offer a "free test-drive" for our sneakers; people are encouraged try on a pair to see how they feel, without the pressure to buy.“We give prizes for participating in our surveys; it is really important for us to keep get feedback because we want our sneakers to evolve.“Everyone is welcome to try on a pair!

While SOM  is on tour at local markets around Colorado, we offer a ‘mix and match’ of shoe and lace color combos.This is perfect for people who want to have a little variety of color but still stay in their “happy SOM shoes”.

SOM Footwear American made comfortable shoes.


The website lists the active and urban sneakers and shows the basic laces that come with each. A second pair of laces may be available at a later date; a small detail like lace color can do so much for the overall look of a sneaker.

We are currently designing a fun quiz that will be featured on our Facebook page that will help to determine which type of sneaker best suits your personality!

In other news: Olie was overtaken by his creations on Fri afternoon after the lacing ceremony! In gratitude the sneakers assembled, surrounded and covered him, excited to begin their journey into the world.

Olie Marchal, founder of SOM Footwear in Colorado.

                  SOM sneakers are out to inspire and help move words into action; Olie trusted in his vision and actualized it with the birth of SOM sneakers.It takes more effort to do something about what you believe in that it does to simply believe in something and tweet about it.

The craftsmen at SOM sneakers are honored to be your locally made all-purpose adventure shoe providers.   

We hope you take as much pride in wearing them as we did in making them.

Featured in our video are two of our long-time supporters celebrating the opportunity to wear their much awaited SOM sneakers!


An improvisational dance begins the farewell ceremony for another two pairs of SOM sneakers as they embark on their journey into the world.

These ladies show us how SOM sneakers inspire the motion of life and can even create the fun times!

Be careful! You could end up having more fun than you know what to do with!Please keep in touch via our connected sites and be on the lookout for the SOM sneaker quiz and "All-SOM dance off" video this week.

Yours truly, SOM TEAM

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