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Making the Most of Daylight during the Summer Solstice

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, today is the summer solstice, marking the traditional start of summer. (Friends in Australia and the rest of the southern hemisphere, we’ll have to catch you another time.)  While in many parts of the country the season is already in full swing, June 21st brings us the longest day and shortest night of the year. At the time of the solstice, the Earth’s north pole is tilted toward the sun.  This tilt has the sun take its most northerly path of the whole year. During this time we get the type of..  - Read More

When Impossible Means Nothing: In Support of Pushing Limits

Our world is always changing and doing so at an ever increasing speed.  Things that seemed impossible 20 years ago are part of our daily lives.  Who knows where the next 20 will take us. One thing is for sure, though, to continue advancing past the limits of what we know requires individuals to whom impossible means nothing. This past weekend, Alex Honnold free soloed El Capitan in Yosemite.  For those of us who are not rock climbers, the term “free solo” means climbing by yourself—and without any ropes or safety lines.  It is an incredibly dangerous way to attempt..  - Read More

The Right Shoe Size, with the Help of Pen and Paper

Finding the right shoe size with online retailers can be a challenge.  For some, the struggle for a shoe that fits goes beyond just buying online.  Some feet spend years trying to find a shoe that accommodates their shape.  These difficult to fit feet will often find their way to our mailbox at SOM Footwear.  They arrive among the bills and advertisements in hand-addressed envelopes.  When you open them, someone’s feet unfold into your hands.  When customers approach us with difficult to fit feet (usually a wide foot, oddly shaped or larger shoe size), we generally recommend that they send..  - Read More

Shoe Factory Tour as a Montrose Tourist Attraction?

When’s the last time you included a shoe factory visit in your vacation plans?  Not many of us would consider a factory to be a tourist attraction. When the SOM Footwear factory first opened in Montrose, Colorado we didn’t consider it to be an attraction either; however, only a couple months in we had people knocking at the door out of curiosity.  Soon after, we decided to officially offer factory tours and these days we welcome everyone from school groups to people passing through and give them a glimpse of how our shoes are made. Last week we had a..  - Read More

Simply Beautiful: how plain can offer its own type of pretty

Asking for feedback from customers can be risky business.  A favorite topic of our customers over the years has been the looks of SOMs.  The comments on some of our first pairs were to the point, saying that SOMs were “not winning any beauty contests,” “even uglier in person,” and a personal favorite “mutt shoes.” several of the first SOM Footwear prototypes In our case, we think that beauty may be on the foot of the beholder.   While SOMs may not be the most fashionable of shoes, style was never our main focus.  SOM shoes are built in service of..  - Read More

Minimalist Footwear to Maximize Your Workout

As resolutions have petered out and summer approaches, it’s a good time to visit a gym… and look at shoes.  Gym shoes for years have been your classically overbuilt, heavily cushioned, smelly sneakers.  Recently, however, fitness experts have been praising the use of minimalist shoes in a gym setting—especially when it comes to weight lifting.  Strength training is a growing part of many people’s fitness routines and a place that good footwear can offer a number of benefits.  The zero-drop and minimal cushioning found in minimalist shoes have a lot to offer.   When your shoes mimic being barefoot, your..  - Read More

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