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We told you this day would come!

After months of hard work, numerous changes, and a couple of surprises, we are proud to announce that we are back in production! We’ll be sharing with you all of our exciting updates in detail in the coming months, but without further delay SOM Footwear presents: OUR NEW MODELS!

Quick Head's Up

Hi there!We have heard from a number of you recently asking (some very eagerly!) when SOM Footwear will be accepting orders again. To satisfy your curiosity, we wanted to share that our new models are about to be released!  We are  still waiting on several key components from our suppliers that were delayed beyond our control, but we can see the finish line. Our first two models of 2017 will be introduced within weeks and will be available for pre-order at a special reduced price for a limited time.   Keep your eyes on your inbox in the coming weeks..  - Read More

New Year and Nearly There

A New Year always brings with it the excitement of what’s ahead. For some of us, it’s the excitement of resolutions and motivation. For others, it’s the thrill of adventures to come this year. For SOM Footwear, it’s returning to what we enjoy: manufacturing shoes.After ringing in the new year with the rest of the world, our minds quickly returned to our own countdown at the factory. We have worked as months turned to weeks and eagerly watch as those weeks begin to dwindle.  Now that we are in the final stages of our production revamp, excitement and spirits are..  - Read More

New arrivals, new models, new processes—it's all happening at SOM Footwear!

We have had quite a busy end to our year here at SOM Footwear.  Taking a break from production has not been easy (read our previous newsletters to learn more), but it has allowed us to focus our efforts on updating some of our processes and equipment.  We are very optimistic about where things are going and are grateful to have you along with us for the ride. New Machine Arrives An important part of our production changes arrived this week: a brand new piece of equipment!   Our excitement about the new machine comes from the fact that it will..  - Read More

A great brand is a story that keeps unfolding

SOM Footwear exemplifies this statement very well and we - each of you and the SOM Team - are the fortunate observers and actors in our unfolding story.  We know we have asked you for a lot of patience over the past months, and we can't say thank you enough for your loyalty.  We are not yet done with the changes needed in our manufacturing process, but things are moving in an exciting direction. Passionately Yours Many of our fans and followers thought we were stepping back in order to move the production to Asian countries.  Please note that such..  - Read More

To draw back in order to make a better jump

This popular statement expresses where SOM Footwear stands right now. We are presently taking few steps back in order to make a better jump. From the beginning of SOM, we found it important to share with you the crucial stages our company has been going through. Being transparent is our motto because we feel that you are part of the SOM adventure too. In this present edition, we have a big announcement to make: a necessary setback to rebound stronger while increasing production performance!  by co-founder Nathalie Bouchard Shirley Miller Colorado Artist Very often, when it’s my turn to let..  - Read More

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