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August News: Repeat-Customers Surprises, NS2 Gray Wins, Delivery Tale And More!

This month's newsletter is all about repeat customers, the popular gray color of the NS2, SOM VIP explained, delivery tales, more giveaway winners and a cute paragliding video directly from the Dune of Pilat, France. We cherish our unstoppable customers's stories who are doing their favorite activities with no restrictions in their SOMs shoes.

Nutrail Cross Sport NS2 Gray The Most Popular Color

The launch of the NS2 Gray has been a great success, and we are pleased that many of you are enjoying this new version and new color of our barefoot-style sneakers. We are confident that this model will make you feel unstoppable and will take you to some great places.

The NS2's new features details.

As always, your constructive feedback is appreciated and constantly helps us to improve our products. We are looking forward to hearing from you on this latest version of the Cross Sport. Order your pair of NS2 in Gray or Black today and enjoy its comfort and style. We've previously experienced a lot of shortages in the colors and style of fabric from our suppliers, but we expect this one will be available for a long time. 

NS2 Gray or Black, a healthy footwear that allows your feet to function naturally.

Repeat Customers Surprises

We like to treat our repeat customers and the team has voted that through the end of this month, for every shipping batch, there will be a pair of Adventure SOM socks added randomly to one of the orders from our repeat customers when they buy a new pair of shoes at regular price. (You know when the price is regular when it ends with the number 4 or 9.) We’ve been doing that already with great appreciation. Who doesn’t like surprises? Be on the lookout, for there might be something extra in your shoe box!

The Adventure SOM socks, as a surprise gift to our repeat customers

Tips And Tricks: How Does It Work With SOM VIP When You Order?

Becoming a SOM VIP might be a bit confusing at first and we want to explain it for you. Some great counselors have said: if you need to explain a program it means it is too complicated and you should get rid of it. They may be right, but we still think it is a very good program for our repeat customers who buy several pairs, or our new customers who are not sure about their shoe size.

The system we use for our cart can’t recognize most of the benefits we offer to our repeat customers. This creates challenges for customers who are buying their second pair of shoes under this program. If there is one thing to remember, we are looking at your order history to figure this out for you. If you change your email or order under a different name (like your spouse), let us know when you place your order and we can make sure that it’s added to your order history.

When you choose Free Shipping with SOM VIP you save up to $37 over the course of two pairs when one is resoled (and the resoling doesn't have to be within the same year) The more you buy, the more you save with SOM VIP.  You will earn exclusive benefits:

  • FREE SHIPPING on shoes for a year.
  • One free exchange to find that perfect fit.
  • $5 off every next pair of full-priced SOMs purchased within your VIP year.
  • One free resoling after your second, full-priced shoe purchase.
  • Early access to new models! See and buy them before anyone else.

Delivery Tales Or The Next Netflix SAGAs.

Visitors to our factory always have a blast listening to manufacturing problems. We often share our challenges with a grin, thinking we are writing the next Netflix SAGA-miniseries. It started with SuperFabric. The gray material for our newest model NS2 had been ordered but the sales rep quit and the material never left the warehouse until we found out some time later.

And then, the latest glue order got delayed after being shipped with Yellow YRC which recently filed for bankruptcy. We feel sorry for all the people who lost their jobs and we wish them the best of luck.

It affected all the other businesses that rely on their shipments arriving on time. We weren't spared, as our latest glue shipment got stuck in a warehouse (pun intended!) in Illinois for over three weeks.

As a result, It stopped our production for several days and delayed the shipment of the orders that some of you placed. We apologize for this inconvenience and truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Now we are back to normal production time and efficiency and very glad we are done with delays. Next time you receive an update about delays on your order, have a smile because there might be more to the story!

The Winners’ Giveaways Are…

Each newsletter brings new winners who will receive quality American-made items explicitly tailored  to each participant. A value pack of $25+ that we take time to tailor to each winner! This month’s giveaway survey winners count two who are presently in the U.S. Army and we thank you for your service:

  1. K. Gentile from Jblm WA
  2. D. LaCure from Pleasant Prairie WI
  3. M. Merdez from Henderson NV

Every month we try to fulfill a wish stated in the survey responses. While we won’t send a million-dollar bill, we try to be as innovative as possible in sending something related to your wish, and while supporting a local business. One of our winners wanted a vintage fly fishing pole. This created the occasion to meet with the passionate owner of  Ed’s Fly Shop, who got all excited to help us out. He found a collectible drawing made by one of his favorite local artists and several other things. Every time we visit him, we learn more about fishing, fish, and his fun outfitting trips. With his help, making a nice gift for our winner was easy.

Vintage Fishing Pole From Ed's Fly Shop

The other wish was a little more tricky:  a Ford Bronco Suited Up. We met by chance with a very colorful character who had a 2001 for sale. He directed us to auto-body shops and specialized parts shops that we didn’t know existed in our small town.  We ended up sending cool stickers for our winner’s future Bronco.

Couple of the future Ford Bronco cool stickers.


Life With Your SOMs!

Juju J. from France is having a great time in his SOMs! You can see a video of his ride here. His SOMs are very useful during his approach hike and during LANDING!!!

Testimonial Juju from France is sharing a ride at the Dune of Pilat.
Did you know dogs love vegan shoes ? Apparently as much as you do. This is not the first time we hear a story like this one!. We sympathize with you but we can't refrain a smile. Thank you for sharing!
We love dogs who love vegan shoes!

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