Barefoot feel sneaker made in Colorado, with free shipping options.

SOM VIP / Shipping Prime

SOM VIP offers exclusive benefits and deals like free shipping, a free exchange or return, and much more!

Try Risk-free with SOM VIP

While every shoe purchase comes with free domestic shipping, customers who select "FREE Shipping with SOM VIP" at checkout will receive one year of exclusive deals and services to extend the life of their favorite SOMs:

  • One free resizing to find that perfect fit, or one free return to send back your shoes for a full refund.
  • $5 off every next pair of full-priced SOMs purchased within your VIP year.
  • One free resoling after your second shoe purchase (a $35 value)To learn more on how resoling can add life to your favorite pair of SOMs, visit here
  • Premier access to pre-launched models to see and buy before anyone else.

-All VIP Benefits are stored in our order history and applied manually after you place your order. You will never be charged for a second VIP membership until the current one has expired.

-VIP Benefits are tied to the individual and not transferable to another person. Discounts will only be applied to purchases of the same size as the original.

-We will send you an email when your year’s membership is about to expire, so you can take advantage of the benefits before you will need to purchase a new year of benefits.

*Please note: If you are already a member of Shipping Prime, your Prime benefits will continue for the remaining time left on your membership. Once your year of Prime has ended, you will need to choose SOM VIP at checkout to continue receiving customer benefits.

One FREE Resizing or One FREE Return

-If the size you receive isn't quite right, send us an email at about what would be a better fit. We will send you a free return label and upon receiving your exchange, send you the right size at no additional cost.

-If you'd like to use your one free return instead, send us an email with why you'd like to return and we will send you a return label at no cost. When we receive your shoes in "Like New" condition (not worn outside), we will issue a full refund.

*Please note: Any exchange or return exceeding 30 days will not be covered by SOM VIP. In other words, there won’t be free return labels offered, and charges for shipping will be invoiced.

$5 Off Every Next Full-Priced Purchase

Repeat customers recieve a five dollar discount on their next shoe purchase.


Want to fill your closet with SOM? Within your VIP year, SAVE 5$ on every next purchase of full-priced shoes. No coupon codes needed. These savings will be applied manually after checkout (discounted models do not apply).

Front-of-the-line Access to Pre-Launch Designs

Premier access to soon-to-be-released shoe models. View images and reserve your pair before they are available to anyone else.

One FREE Resoling

We will resole your shoes for free!
Most of our customers really put their first pair of SOMs through the wringer before purchasing a second pair. 

  • When you buy another pair of SOMs at a regular price, we offer free resoling for one of your current pairs.
  • You can take advantage of this offer at any time: for each new pair of SOMs you buy, directly from us, at regular price, you can have a previously purchased pair resoled, one time, free of charge. If you buy more than one pair at the same time, each pair counts as a new purchase, so qualifies the ‘previous’ pair for a free resole.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Because of updated resoling practices, we are no longer able to resole older model shoes with Vibram soles. If the bottom of your shoes have a zig-zag pattern (as shown below), we can no longer accept them for resoling.

    SOMs have different soles. Which can be resoled to extend the life of your sneakers.
  • It is important to send pictures prior to shipping your shoes so we can confirm with you that they are ready for resoling. Please note there is a limit to what we can do, and the type of wear you have on your shoes can affect those limits. Also - please don’t wait too long before deciding that your SOMs need a resole!
  • You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the pair for resoling to the SOM factory.
  • If you have a pair ready to be resoled at the time of your new purchase and you send them to SOM immediately, we will ship both the new pair and the resoled pair back to you in the same box and your VIP membership will cover the cost.
  • If you don’t have a pair ready to be resoled at the time of your new purchase, there will be a $10 charge to ship them back to you.
  • Each pair of SOMs can be resoled once and come with a new set of inserts at the time of resoling.
  • This offer cannot be applied to any resoling completed prior to the purchase of a new pair of SOMs.
  • SOM customers are the best at minimizing their environmental footprints and so we would like to share this with you: There is a cobbler or shoe repair guy in almost every city. It you have one nearby, he can likely resole your SOMs, using a 5mm Vibram or other brand resoling material. The cobbler will charge you for the repair but it keeps it local, could save you money over sending your shoes to SOM, and it’s definitely worth asking! 
  • Unfortunately, we will have to send our international customers an invoice for the shipping back. We are working on this to serve you all better.

Send your pictures showing side band and bottom to, and we will confirm if they are ready to be resoled. See more about our resoling process here. Then, just add "Resoling" to your cart from our shop and check out and send your washed* SOMs to the address below:

Resoling - SOM Footwear
1006 N. Cascade Ave, Unit C,
Montrose, CO 81401




*Please Washing your SOMs

Simply toss your shoes in the wash machine on the normal setting with cold water and gentle soap. Let them dry in the shade (avoid direct heat). For the all-leather SP-L3 Classic, we recommend hand washing.


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