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Resoling Guide

Resoling information to determine when your SOMs are ready for new soles and what to do when they are.

SOM footwear can be resoled, increasing the miles of adventure your favorite pair can take you on. Before you place an order for a Resoling, please consult these guidelines to ensure your soles are good candidates.

Which sole do I have?

Check which version of sole is on your SOMs. Earlier models may have Vibram sole material, which have a zigzag pattern (picture below; right shoe). Because of updated resoling practices, we are no longer resoling this type of sole.

Only SOM cup soles can be resoled. Please check your shoes to see which type of sole you have. Our older, Vibram, zigzag sole are no longer able to be resoled.

Our current soles, prominent on the majority of our shoes, is a polyurethane cup sole with "SOM" stamped near the heel (picture above, left shoe). If you see the SOM and patchwork tread, than your shoes can be resoled, and you can move to the next step: determining if your soles are ready.

Are my shoes ready to be resoled?

Applying fresh soles can add miles to a well-traveled pair, but since our shoes can only be resoled once, to get the fullest life out of your footwear, it is important not to resole too early. So when are my SOMs ready?

  • Check the tread lines. When the lines have faded to the point of being invisible, your soles are a good candidate.
Tread lines faded means your SOMs may be ready for resoling.
  • If tread is still slightly visible, shoes could go a little longer (how much longer is dependent on the wearer).
If soul treadlines are still visisble, shoes can go a little longer before resoling.
  • Everyone's step is different. Certain areas of your soles will show wear faster than others. It may be at the heel or at the base of the toes, but just because one spot is faded, doesn't mean the entire sole needs replacing.
Certain areas of your soles will wear down faster than others, but just because one area has a little wear, doesn't mean the entire sole needs replacing.
  • If holes or cracks begin forming (often around the heels), this is a good time for a resoling before they get worse.
When cracks and holes form, its time to get your SOMs resoled.
  • Every sole's life is unique. There is no set amount of time a pair of soles will last. Use, environment, and the individual's step will all contribute to the sole's lifespan. If you believe your soles are getting close, keep checking them each month to ensure they don't go beyond our ability to resole them.

    My soles look ready. What's next?

    • Send us pictures. It is important to send pictures prior to shipping your shoes so we can confirm with you that your SOMs are ready for resoling. Email pictures to and include any details the photos fail to capture.
    • When we confirm they are ready, we will send you an email with instructions to place an order for a Resoling and mail your pair to us at the address below:
    Resoling - SOM Footwear
    1006 N. Cascade Ave, Unit C,
    Montrose, CO 81401
    • You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the pair for resoling to the SOM factory.
    • If you have a pair ready to be resoled at the time of your next new shoe purchase, we can hold onto your new pair until the resoling is finished and then ship both the new and resoled pairs back to you in one box to save you on shipping.
    • If you don’t have a pair ready to be resoled at the time of your new purchase, there will be a $10 charge to ship them back to you.
    • For our international customers, we will have to send an invoice for the shipping back, unfortunately. We are working on this to serve you all better.
    • Please wash your SOMs before sending them. Simply toss your shoes in the washing machine on the normal setting with cold water and gentle soap. Let them dry in the shade (avoid direct heat).
    *SOM customers are the best at minimizing their environmental footprints and so we would like to share this with you: There is a cobbler or shoe repair shop in almost every city. If you have one nearby, he or she can likely resole your SOMs (but only pairs with the Vibram zigzag soles), using a 5mm Vibram or other brand resoling material. The cobbler will charge you for the repair but it keeps it local, could save you money over sending your shoes to SOM, and it’s definitely worth asking! 

      How can I earn one FREE resoling?

      By choosing SOM VIP during the checkout process, you will earn one free resoling after your second shoe purchase (a $35 value).

      To learn more about this one year VIP membership, please click here.