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Shoes Made in the USA!

Shoes made in the USA




SOM Footwear is proud to manufacture all of our shoes in the USA. Manufacturing shoes in America can be a difficult journey at times, but the founders of SOM Footwear are committed to keeping our factory, employees, and business here in the USA.  

We design, cut, sew, shape, lace & box every pair of SOMs under one factory roof in Colorado.  

Our entire local team contributes their talents and skills to produce the best sneaker we can for our customers.  We are directly involved with every step of the shoe production, ensuring a fair working conditions, and a quality, ethically made shoe.

The American flag or "Made in USA" tag is on every shoe we make in recognition of the fact that our entire shoe is manufactured in our Colorado shoe factory.

Made in USA stamp

Manufacturing responsibly is also very important to us.  We look to source our materials from as close to home as possible and take care to minimize waste in addition to reusing scrap materials. We strive to use eco-friendly materials and practices wherever we can.  If you have any suggestions for fair trade or domestic material suppliers or partnerships to promote responsible manufacturing, please let us know!

American Shoe Manufacturer Manufacturing shoes in USA


We want to make it as easy as possible to support other Made in USA businesses.   We've gathered some information on the Made in America label and what it really means. Our list of resources can also help you find other great products made domestically.  Feel free to share your personal favorites!

Those are just some reasons why our customers buy again!

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