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SOM Footwear is made in America in Montrose, Colorado, USA.

At SOM Footwear, we believe that less is more, with the planet in mind.  We are eco-conscious in our manufacturing process, from the design through to the end product.  We strive to offer the best high quality minimalist footwear for the active, professional and creative among us.  Each pair of shoes is handmade in our hometown factory; by producing in the USA we also hire locally - we currently have 4 great employees working at SOM Footwear.

Providing this type of product is a constant challenge but we feel that it is worth it, and we proudly continue to show our care for our environment by:

- Sourcing materials as close to home as possible (this is our biggest challenge, we are always open to your ideas and recommendations!)

- Keeping waste to an absolute minimum. We are constantly improving our production process to become more efficient.

- Reusing our scrap material to make things like dog toys and book marks.

- Researching and utilizing the most natural products available.

- Encouraging our employees to carpool or use alternative transportation to get to work, like bicycle commuting.

Want to know more about the SOM story? Check out our video-

1006 N Cascade Ave Montrose, CO 81401 United States 970-765-2616