Barefoot feel sneaker made in Colorado, with free shipping options.

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FREE Shipping and SOM VIP

FREE Shipping and SOM VIP

With every SOM step, two missions drive our stride forward: to connect our customers to the joys of being barefoot in a pair of sneakers, and to pr...
SOM Footwear's Nutrail is the most comfortable minimalist sneaker to date, with superior flexibility and unmatched style

The Nutrail, SOM's Most Comfortable Sneaker

As spring unveils its newest wave of gardens and greenery, we at SOM have an exciting announcement as perfect for the sole as flowers are for the s...
Lower your carbon footprint by walking and help the environment

Walk Off Your Carbon Footprint

As we honor our favorite blue marble in the universe this Earth Day, how do we show our appreciation for a place that has given us sunsets and wate...