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SOM new camo models announced in this Newsletter

Changes to the Trailhead, and introducing new models!

SOM Footwear is happy to announce positive changes made to the Trailhead, to introduce two new models, and to have a limited-time headband join the SOM line-up.
5 Years of Customer Love

5 Years of Customer Love

Celebrate with SOM Footwear on their five-year journey of shoe making! Hear what the CEO and CFO are saying as they reminisce. We are also announcing our current Holiday Promotion and a new endorsement from Dr. Ray, the founder of Correct Toes. Be sure to read through the end to find out which models are heading into retirement.
Tech sheet of the Trailhead, the most sport-driven shoes made by SOM.

As Spring Approaches, SOM Evolves

Spring is near. A new shoe is about to be launched. Our company logo takes on a new look. This is all in addition to policy updates and more in the latest edition of the SOM Newsletter.