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April News: Nothing eclipses the brilliance of springtime adventures

April went as fast as the eclipse. Trees are blooming, and the summer will be upon us in no time.  In this edition:  

  • only a few more days to pre-order the canvas models. 
  • updates on retired models and Factory 2nds. 
  • including the winners of the month, our next scheduled downtime, and the most recent 5-star reviews.

Pre-order discount on the canvas models Briquette and Nightfall

The canvas models have been very popular; many of you are waiting for your pair. According to the latest update from our sole supplier, the order is on schedule and we should be able to ship by the 3rd week of May. Let us know if you have travel plans, as we can hold your order for your return. 

You have until Apr 30, 2024 to get $10 off the Briquette and the Nightfall. Thank you to all of you who acted early and have been patiently waiting for your new kicks to come in.

You have until Apr 30, 2024 to get $10 off

Updates on Retirees

Our Last Chance Models have recently seen more price reductions and a few add-ons. The Nutrail series is fading out of production lines. We only have a few sizes left, but several popular sizes are still available - so don’t wait too long to grab yours.

The Factory 2nds have seen a few additions recently. Although we are very proud that we have fewer and fewer flaws in our production as time passes, it’s always worth your while to take a glimpse if you’re looking for a bargain. We know that some of you have ‘wish-for' shoes. Email us to let us know how we can help with your special request.


Factory 2nds website, to find some bargains.



Consumer Fact

Did you know that a cost is attached to every order the minute you place it? Almost 3% will be distributed between the cart hosting company and credit card processing fees, even if you cancel the order or return the product. These fees used to be refunded when we canceled an order, but the rules were changed five years ago. This is essential information to know when you place an online order and try to support an American-made product. At SOM Footwear, we absorb that cost and don’t charge any restocking fee. We appreciate that you shop wisely but, most notably, that you fall in love with your SOMs the minute you put them on.


Upcoming Down-Time

Please note that we will be on an adventure from June 6th through the 16th. A family obligation takes us away, so it’s the perfect time for our crew to recharge. We will resume activities on June 17th.

June Break Week

The Winners of the Month

1 Paul W. from Montrose Colorado
2 Donald S. from Tallahassee Florida
3 Judy C. from Amherst Virginia

Keep contributing to our survey with your contagious enthusiasm. It makes us smile and grow. You are aweSOMe.

Each winner will get a $20 gift certificate emailed to them individually.


A few five-star reviews:

Norwood Classic BTL


Classy, office shoe with barefoot-feel comfort


Title: Very Impressed!
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Charlie C. from Bethlem, PA, Customer since April 2024

First off, I bought these shoes for 2 reasons...1st, they're 100% made in America! 2nd, They have a wide-toe box! I was slightly skeptical at first because it didn't seem like much cushioning, but let me tell you, they are very comfortable! They feel well-made, and I will test them on the trails. I was so happy that the toe box was WIDE! My toes felt great in them! And they're zero drops, which is great for hiking. Plus, they look cool. The style reminds me of a hybrid between old-school Chuck Taylors and Adidas shell tops, giving this shoe a unique cool look all its own! I think I've found my go-to shoe company.


Nutrail Reflect Black- NRN

Shop the Nutrail Reflect Here

Title: Fantastic, comfortable and stylish
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Greg from San Jose, CA, Customer since Feb. 2024

I have enjoyed these shoes! I’ve been wearing them for a few months, and they have been comfortable since day one. The retro reflective fabric is cool looking too. When wearing these, I feel more nimble. I would recommend them!


Zappy Reflect Black ZRN

Shop the Zappy Reflect here.

Title: Very comfortable, my favorite walking shoe now
Rating: 5 stars
Author: William H from Arvada, CO, Customer since March 2024, Owns 2 pairs

I should say that I was already used to barefoot shoes, wide toe-boxes, and zero-drop shoes, but I was still surprised that I could walk about 7 miles a day on the first two days wearing the Zappy with no discomfort. There were no hip issues, knee issues, ankle issues, or foot issues. The construction feels excellent, and I enjoyed watching the videos on YouTube showing the construction being done. I am glad they are made in the USA, especially in Colorado.

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