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Contact Us

SOM Footwear is located in Montrose, Colorado, USA

Best way to reach us:

Phone: (970)765-2616

Mailing Address: 1006 N. Cascade, Montrose, CO 81401


In the neighborhood? We'd love to show you around! Give us a call to schedule a time to stop by our hometown factory and our outlet store.

Outlet Store: generally open every Thursday from 12pm-6pm. Please give us a call before coming over to confirm that we are open and available! You can also visit any time throughout the week by calling to make an appointment. 

Factory Tours: By appointment only.

Our Factory Outlet is located at 1006 N. Cascade Ave, Montrose, CO


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SOM Footwear is proud to partner with: 

Created in Colorado- your premier made in colorado source.

 Your Premier 'Made in Colorado' Source.

Atayne American made clothing  

Performance with a point of view (100% recycled polyester fabrics).

 Made in America Outfitters

 Made in USA Outfitters support manufacturers.

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