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Feet are more comfortable in wide toe box shoes

Wide Toe Box Shoes vs. Wide Shoes: What Keeps Feet Comfortable?

Are wide shoes always the answer, or are wide-toe-box shoes the better solution to happier, stronger feet? Instead of conventional footwear shaping...
A roomy toe-box shoe helps your feet relax and strengthen with every step you take.

Toe Story: What Your Feet Say About Your Shoes

Life as a middle toe can be suffocating. Pressed between your four siblings day and night, listening to the loudest voices bolster and command fro...
Foot Health Benefits of Barefoot Inspired Minimalist Shoes

Foot Health Benefits of Barefoot Inspired Minimalist Shoes

Info about how the proper barefoot-style minimalist shoe with a wide toe box can increase foot health and keep your toes happy.
SOM - Versatile Minimalist Shoes

SOM - Versatile Minimalist Shoes

The team at SOM have always had the idea that our shoes are a versatile minimalist shoe that can be worn for numerous activities. We found out that...


Posted by Tammy Kulpa on January 12, 2015 SOM knows that not everyone has happy feet! Our versatile fashion sneakers take every little piggy into ...