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Versatile, comfortable, minimalist shoes in america, som footwear makes zero drop sneakers and trainers with wide toe-boxes for lightweight, breathable comfort and durable style

7 Shoes In 1: Making Versatile Footwear in America

Think outside the shoe box in versatile footwear designed to frame your feet for whatever they choose. While other brands dictate the activity, ove...
A roomy toe-box shoe helps your feet relax and strengthen with every step you take.

Toe Story: What Your Feet Say About Your Shoes

Life as a middle toe can be suffocating. Pressed between your four siblings day and night, listening to the loudest voices bolster and command fro...
Standing on Solid Ground

Standing on Solid Ground

How much do you think about your shoes: their weight, shape, where they were made? For most of my life, footwear fell into two categories: dress sh...
SOM Footwear's Nutrail is the most comfortable minimalist sneaker to date, with superior flexibility and unmatched style

The Nutrail, SOM's Most Comfortable Sneaker

As spring unveils its newest wave of gardens and greenery, we at SOM have an exciting announcement as perfect for the sole as flowers are for the s...
How SOM shoes became my favorite hiking shoes.

How SOM shoes became my favorite hiking shoes.

Disclaimer: Shirley Miller has been a long-time customer. She joined the team later by becoming SOM Super Editor. There is no one like her to give ...
Your Fabric + Your Style = Your Custom Shoes

Your Fabric + Your Style = Your Custom Shoes

Have you ever looked at a piece of fabric and thought “man, that’d make a great pair of shoes!”  We do—all the time.  We admit it’s mostly just a q...