Podiatrist Approved

Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, BS Ed.
Northwest Foot & Ankle and creator of Correct Toes
Portland, Oregon

"I want to commend SOM footwear on the design of their current footwear.  The features that I like are the following, which promote natural foot health:

1. Toebox is shaped like a natural human foot. 

2.  Flat(zero drop)from heel to ends of toes. 

3. Flexible throughout the sole.

4. Light weight.

5. Good traction for ground grip.

6. Made in America.

I have personally run, walked and hiked in SOM footwear with very good success and am happy to report that we will be adding SOM to our Natural Footwear Correct Toes certified list.

They are a very good selection for the wise individual who realizes the value of foot health and values prevention.

Thank you SOM for healthy shoes!"

Here is the link to Dr. Ray's latest review.


Dr. Josef Geldwert, DPM
The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine
New York City, New York

"SOMs shoes are very comfortable with plenty of room in the toe box.My shoe of choice as I recover from a partial Knee Replacement."


Yamuna Zake
Master Teacher & Healer- Yamuna USA
New York, New York

"The shoe definitely gives you the negative heel and so allows the foot to thrust forward from the heel. This encourages more fuller movement of the feet. I feel with more foot education your customers could train their feet to fuller function with your shoe."



R. Mario Calderone, Certified Pedorthist
Owner, Mario's Shoe Design
Grand Junction, Colorado

"SOM Footwear is a natural shoe. It will allow the foot to motion the way it wants to. They may help people begin to activate and use their toes during thrust forward motion from their heel if they were previously wearing shoes that restrict that motion. Many shoes on the market today do restrict toe motion."