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Testimonials & Customer Reviews Continued

Our shoes are aweSOMe, but don't take our word for it...
Read testimonials and customer reviews from actual people wearing our shoes in the real world.

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"So I've had your shoes for a few days now but just put them on Sunday morning.

I LOVE them!  They are indeed light as air and incredibly comfortable.

Interestingly I was reading the website and I guess it makes sense because if I could I would be barefoot all day every day :)

They have actually grown on me aesthetically in the day or so I have been  wearing them. I have also inquired amongst friends and all seem to think they are quite nice looking so , for future reference don't ask me about the looks of your product, apparently I am even more lacking in the eyesight department than I gave myself credit for.

Thanks Nathalie and just so you know if these hold up you'll have a lifelong customer."

C.R. of Parlin, NJ
October 2015



"Someone graciously sent extra insoles (the foam multicolored) with my last order. I really appreciated them- they provided the extra cushion my feet need. If you could add some to this order too I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for making such great shoes. I finally found something to fit my funny feet.

P.S. of Fresno, CA
October 2015


American made sneakers at the coliseum in pula croatia.

"My feet are so happy hiking around the coliseum in pula croatia!"

M.D. of Colona, CO
September 2015


Good hiking shoes made in america.Best hiking shoes made in the USA.Hiking shoes with a roomy toe box made in America.

"After getting a pair of your shoes in June I proceeded to run, hike and climb 14ers in them exclusively (see attached photos).  I'm now getting rid of my other shoes.  The design of your shoe is amazing!  I had transitioned to minimalist shoes about a year ago, but the fit of most of them was so-so, for me at least.  I've a wide forefoot with a narrow heel.  SOM shoes fit my feet perfectly.  They are extremely comfortable to run and hike in.  I've also discovered that I can run down hill without my feet sliding forward.  It's very nice to run down a 14er without having my toes smashing into the front of the shoe.  I also exclusively wear SOM shoes at work as a high school math and science teacher. 

I really need another pair so I can switch them out every other day or so. I did try washing them and that works extremely well! I really love having shoes I can throw in the wash. I just ordered another pair (pinyon green) and look forward to ordering a pair in leather with a bamboo liner later this winter.

As long as you make SOM shoes I'll buy them!"

G.B. of Silverthorne, CO
September 2015



"I just received my SOM Footwear today. I immediately put them on and I cannot tell you the sense of relief I felt when I realized my toes were not cramped by the toe box and the relief of pressure that occurred within 5 minutes of wearing them! I appreciate the design, quick shipping and overall great experience!!

Keep up the good work,

P.S. I was born at the Montrose hospital and lived in Olathe for a good portion of my life. As a U.S. Military Veteran and native Coloradan, I am proud to support made in the U.S.A and more specifically designed/produced in Montrose, Colorado! Thank you!!"

O.H. of Canal Fulton, OH
September 2015


"Just wanted to tell you I got my shoes and I absolutely love them.

I think these are the shoes my feet have been waiting for.

I have what they call Barney Rubble or Fred Flintstone feet and the wide toebox area of the shoes are exactly what I need!

I am so excited, I already ordered another pair. I wasn’t sure how to get the repeat customer discount, but that’s ok, because I was gonna order another pair no matter what!

B.B. of Grand Island, NE
September 2015


"Great to hear a bit about your progress and development. My SOM shoes are still going strong and behaving well. I still like them very much. If they ever wear out I'll come over to Montrose and get a new pair."

R.L. of Salida, CO
August 2015


"I received my order and the shoes fit perfectly.

They are the most comfortable shoes ever.

I have a bad back and feet that hurt and both feel much better when wearing my SOM shoes.

Thank you very much for offering such a unique and high quality product."

M.R. of Scottsdale, AZ
August 2015


"I am a Pharmacist who loves your shoes for work and run. I stand and move around all day and  wear either your  shoes or birks. Was wearing Kelso negative drop until they changed the design. They had great neutral colors for work .  Love yours  shoes though . Thank you,"

J.M. of Port Orange, FL
August 2015


"My feet are very happy in their new shoes. Walking in them is a real
pleasure. I am not a runner so these are to be my every day every where

I have RA and my feet do so much better in a minimal shoe. Forty years
of wearing Birkenstock have come to an end.

Thanks so much for your great product."

S.L. of Mokelumne Hill, CA
August 2015


"Don't know how I ever thought I was comfortable in all my cramped, heavy shoes before. Thank you for the extra laces for the grey ones too!

P.S. Where I live everything is cobblestones, big mean ones. I use my bicycle a lot but only use the car to leave town. Most of all I walk, everywhere, on cobble stones. I put in a pair of inexpensive cushy innersoles and voila! My SOM's are super comfortable for all day walking on the stones. Outer soles are great, they don't slip on the wet rocks in the rain.

Thanks again."

T.P. of Laredo, TX
August 2015



American made sneakers on a Toro 3500D.

"Adventure shoes! Such comfort. Sitting on the Toro 3500D about to mow some rough earlier today."

M.C. of Keystone, CO
August 2015

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