Burgher release plus what it really means to buy local- Sept. 2015

September 2015
Frisbee in the park in Ouray, Colorado.
The mornings are getting cool and crisp here in Colorado as we celebrate the first day of Fall! The seasons are changing and exciting things are happening at the factory.

New equipment could equal BIG change for SOM!

One of our most frequently asked questions is "do you make any sizes larger than a 12 or smaller than a 5?". Up until now, the answer has been unfortunately, no we cannot. Our equipment only allows us to make sizes 5-12, but if we can get new equipment, we will be able to make nearly any size, including children's sizes. We would also be able to offer more footwear options.

SOM founder and head shoe maker Olie is heading to Los Angeles next month to meet with equipment specialists to see what it would take to make this a reality.

If we are able to move forward in purchasing the new equipment, we will need your help! New equipment comes with a big price tag and we will need to use crowd funding to help finance this project.

Stay tuned for details!
New materials/colors offered
We recently launched our latest model, The Burgher. Like our other models, the Burgher offers all of the foot healthy features that podiatrists recommend (roomy toe box, zero drop, soft flexible sole, etc.). The upper is constructed of black woven cotton canvas and light mesh. Get your Burgher here.

After selling out of our SP-L3 Red we asked our Facebook fans to vote on the next SP-L3 color. The results are in and we are excited to introduce our latest SP-L3 color- Pinyon Green.
Adventure ready minimalist shoes by SOM Footwear.
The SP-L3 Pinyon Green was inspired by the beautiful pinyon trees that can be found on the Colorado Plateau near our factory.

Review your favorite products

We recently added a "write a review" option to our product pages. If you absolutely love your SOMs (or even if you don't) other customers would love to hear your feedback.
Review your favorite sneakers.
We have just started reaching out to customers who recently bought a pair of shoes to request their feedback. If you'd like to go ahead and leave a review now, we'd be really grateful! Simply find the product you'd like to review here.

Made in America

Our sneakers are made in the USA.

"If we can't make our shoes here in the United States, then we won't make them at all."

-Olie Marchal
SOM Footwear

In our latest blog we discuss what it truly means to buy local. 

"It is important to buy local, but if you're buying products from China, Mexico and Vietnam, are you really supporting local businesses in the long run?"

Read the entire post here.

Factory Outlet

Beginning in October, the SOM Factory Outlet Store will be open EVERY Thursday!

Colorado's Western Slope has been showing us so much love that we've decided to open the factory up to the public weekly rather than monthly. The Outlet is located at 1006 N. Cascade Ave in Montrose, Colorado and will be open from noon-6pm.

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