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May News: New Colors, Snaplaces, Socks, Maintenance Break and More

This month’s Newsletter is full of short news and announcements including new colors for the Urban Trekker model, the return of SOM socks, Snaplaces surplus inventory, the survey results, upcoming maintenance break, and the winners of the month! Also included are our most heartfelt testimonials of the month, and latest blogs.

The Urban Trekker New Colors

We always get excited when one of our regular models gets a new color. We have a double thrill this time with not one, but two new color additions to the Urban Trekker series: teal blue and burgundy.

The Urban Trekker Teal Blue is ready for all your summer activities.

This attractive teal blue classic will perfect your style for all of your upcoming summer activities. These shoes are sure to add a fun pop of color anywhere you go. From the office, through the park, to meeting with friends at your favorite happy hour joint.

The Urban Trekker Burgundy will make you shine at any occasion.

The burgundy is more formal, like a good red wine. Whether at work or kicking it back at a barbecue, this deep, rich color is a perfect mix of laidback and sophistication. You will shine at any occasion.

The New Retirees Are…

The new retirees shoes are the Urban Trekker Vintage Sepia, Nutrail Air and Zappy in light blue ltd ed.

We have offered the Urban Trekker in Vintage Sepia for several years and it is now retiring. We still have most sizes available. If this color was on your wish list, it might be time to get it. Please note that we rarely bring back the same color in Urban Trekker. We appreciate hearing from you when you have a specific need as we try to accommodate our customers. You are welcome to send us an email to express your color choice!

The limited editions of the Nutrail Air and the Zappy in light blue mesh are also retiring. It was a short supply that is now gone, and we have only a few sizes left in each. 

Spread the Joy of SOM on Google

To write a review scan this QR code with your phone.

If you have a few minutes and you haven’t done it yet, please add a Google review. It helps to spread the joy of SOM to others! And to us also; we can’t tell you enough how motivating it is to the entire crew. We celebrate all reviews and we add more heart into our work each time!

Follow this link or scan the QR code above to write a review on Google.

SOM Socks

AdventureSOMe Socks

For years we had our socks made by a company based in Colorado. Unfortunately, that company had to stop production and we had to find a new manufacturer. We searched long and hard, and we now have our socks made by a manufacturer located in North Carolina. The first round will be an athletic ankle fun cotton sock in SOM’s colors. We can’t wait to know what you will think of them. 

Upcoming Maintenance Break

Upcoming maintenance break, order by May 15 to guarantee delivery in time.

SOM Footwear will be closed from May 19th to June 6th inclusively. It’s that time of year when we need to get some equipment tuned up and for us to fully recharge. Order by May 15th to guarantee receiving your shoes in time. We will do our best to fulfill all orders until our break. Your understanding is well appreciated!

Looking for a Great Gift for Mom and Dad?


SOM Footwear is the perfect gift: improving balance, activating brain connection, and more!

Mother's day and Father's day are coming soon. What could be a better gift than offering our parents a pair of comfortable, made-in-USA shoes that treat their feet right? SOM Footwear helps to improve balance and makes the wearer more aware of the ground – activating the brain connection - and helps to increase confidence. Show them how you care about their well-being.

SOM - user Favorite Activity Survey Results

Many of you took the time to answer our last newsletter survey and boy! it is so nice to read them. It seems that we can’t learn enough about SOM’s users! The SOM community is diverse and active, from young to the golden age, and enjoys the outdoors: hiking, running, camping, walking, yard work, pickle-ball, golfing, biking, workout,   etc. Most of you wear your SOMs every day and several of you have one pair to get dirty and the other pair for casual activities. You love the roomy toe-box and for sure we are not walking away from it like other brands have done on you. 87% of you said your SOMs meet all of your activity needs. Although this is a great number, it does tell us that our shoes can still be improved upon; one comment that came up frequently was asking about offering a different grip on the sole. This comment confirms the many discussions we have had over the years. (We have something in the making to that end, and your help will be required. More on that subject in the next newsletter.

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

  • Keep production of your quality minimalist footwear in America.
  • Love them on my bike: thickness and flexibility are fantastic.
  • Hip is pain free from wearing SOM shoes
  • SOMs rock!
  • My SOMs were one key tool in improving my foot health from plantar fasciitis in 2019. Foot strength and back health have improved.
  • SOMs are all I wear.

THANK YOU! We have no plan to move anywhere, and we are so pleased to know that SOMs help some people to heal, or to improve their condition.

And the winner of this survey is: John H. from Ridgway CO.


Some Snaplaces' surplus inventory has been added to our stock. They are the Comfort version with one clip per shoe, in a variety of combinations. This company has been on standby for the past couple of years but plans to revamp with a funding campaign next fall. In the meantime, we are helping them to reduce their current inventory with full warranty.

Bright pink with clear pink clips.
Reflective black with clear neon green  clips
Black with clear red clips
Black with clear white clips

The Winner Giveaways

Each newsletter brings new winners who will receive quality American-made items tailored specifically to each participant. A value pack of $25+ that we take time  to put together, but it is coming! This month’s giveaway survey winners are from East to West Coast:

  1. T. Webb from Lexington, MA
  2. K. Stauffer from Longmont, CO
  3. J. Kirby from Dallas, OR

Sport Models back in Stock

The SuperFabric we use on the Trailhead, Nutrail Cross Sport and HiLite in Black uppers was unavailable for several months due to a supply issue. We finally got a new big roll of it and three of your favorite sport models are now back in production. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. It is always hard to say no to our great customers but, in this case, we had no control over it and just had to deal with it. Thank you again for your patience.

The recent Blogs

In one blog we bring you to the heart of the Utah desert to recount a fun weekend and show how your SOMs can have some fun. In the other, we answer a common question to newbies with barefoot-style shoes.

Blog: What can't be done in your SOMs?
Utah desert slots canyons are not a problem for our SOMs!
Are barefoot-style shoes good for me?
In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people wearing barefoot-style shoes who once had that question.

Deep Heartfelt 5 Stars Reviews

Best Shoes I've ever had. (Nutrail Air Cross Sport) - Gordon S. from Tennessee

I am a hard-core barefooter, and this is the first pair of shoes that I have ever forgotten I was wearing. Most shoes I take off any chance I get. Not so with the NuTrail Cross Sport. They are so lightweight, and the balance and response is so playful and natural, that they are a delight to wear.

The tread makes for excellent grip on most surfaces, the body of the shoe is pliable but sturdy, and once I worked out the proper tension for the laces, the shoes fit to my feet very well. The materials of the shoe are a joy to behold; when I first got my pair in the mail, I just held them for a minute or two and reveled in the touch of such a clean, sensible fabric and sole. Add to this the blessings inherent to USA-made goods, and you've got the recipe for a life-long customer.

Best Shoes on the Market!!! (HiLite in Black) - LeRoy E. from Colorado

I’ve worn literally ALL the barefoot shoe brands over the last 5 years and since I transitioned to barefoot training/living, I can never go back!!! I recently purchased a pair of the Mid-Top Hilite’s (HLN in black with Red Lettering) and I can finally say that I’ve found my “PERFECT ALL-AROUND” shoe!!! It’s just thin enough (10mm stack height) to provide you with that ground feel feedback your feet need but just thick enough to protect your feet from sharp rocks on trails. I do literally EVERYTHING in these things!!! I lift, run, hike, ruck, walk the pup, compete in Tough Mudders and Spartan Races, and everything in between in these things!!! AND THE PATRIOT IN ME CRIES BEAUTIFUL RED, WHITE, & BLUE TEARS OF PRIDE BECAUSE THEIR MADE RIGHT IN THE GOOD OL’ U.S. of A.!!!! When I die of old age (God willing), my Will will contain specific instructions for my family to ensure I’m buried with my SOM’s ON!!! Thank you to all the employees at SOM Footwear!!! You guys are awesome!!!


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