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To draw back in order to make a better jump

This popular statement expresses where SOM Footwear stands right now. We are presently taking few steps back in order to make a better jump. From the beginning of SOM, we found it important to share with you the crucial stages our company has been going through. Being transparent is our motto because we feel that you are part of the SOM adventure too. In this present edition, we have a big announcement to make: a necessary setback to rebound stronger while increasing production performance!

 by co-founder Nathalie Bouchard

Very often, when it’s my turn to let you know what is happening with SOM Footwear, there are big announcements to make.  This time is no exception and maybe some of you, who have been following us for years and learning about all our challenges, may think that we should turn our story to a TV Reality Show!  According to all our entrepreneur friends, our story is the story of most start-ups.    It is always encouraging to think that we are not alone in our "turmoil" club.  That being said, I have to tell you that I am very excited to give you some news.

Drawback and Rebound

We are now announcing that it is time for SOM Footwear to re-think its production process in order to move forward.  Recent events have made us take a look at SOM from a different point of view.  
Olie's jump are impressive
In the short term, we need to shut down factory production for a certain period of time in order to; re-think our production system; research for new materials suppliers; and to change the manufacturing process. When we resume production, we will be in a position to deliver our products more quickly - with the same high quality standards - and we will be able to serve a larger audience. As many of you know, manufacturing challenges are hard to manage when demand increases.  We want to make sure we can meet that demand when the company grows at a higher speed.

Our website will still stay up and running, and we'll continue to serve our present customers with exchange or re-soling, but we won't be able to produce on demand as we have been during the past year.  We will need all your patience and understanding because we don't know how long this will take.  During this period, we'll keep you posted on our progress.

The motivator factor - Testimonials

I will repeat this every time I have a chance: Thank you for being part of SOM's Family!  Your testimonials are what make us move forward and we can't find the words to express how precious it is for us to hear about your satisfaction.  I am the fortunate one who receives them first and it is my pleasure to share them with everyone else on our team.
  Olie, our founder and shoe creator, had only one goal:  to serve as many people as possible with a concept of shoes he believes could help when the traditional shoe industry could not.  What we hear from our dearest SOM-o (SOM owners-users) surpassed what he ever thought he could achieve with his shoe idea.  Please, continue to share with us what you think about your SOMs.

Shoe sizes - Growing Demand

We have a growing list of very patient people that have been waiting for us to serve their feet sizes.  As you may know, SOM is presently serving Men size 5 to 12, and Women size 6.5 to 13.5.  The shoes will turn 24 months old next month and we always say that we had to start somewhere with sizes.    It is our primary goal to provide more sizes and we thank you for your continuing patience.  Stay tuned, as we should have more news for you by this coming fall.
SOM is now almost everywhere on the Globe!

On behalf of SOM Team, I would like to wish you a great season, whatever that season may be on the hemisphere you are part of.   It is now possible that a pair of SOM Footwear is walking, running or playing almost anywhere on the Globe!


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  • I’ll be waiting to get a third pair when your up and running again. I too, find your shoes the only ones I want to wear! Now, if you guys would consider making mountain bike shoes for flat pedals I would be ecstatic! Good luck with the “next step” for your company!

    Greg Bachman
  • Hi there,

    My name is John McGuiggan. I live in Vermont, and am a STRONG proponent of your product. I have said to my wife and family that I wish I had enough money to buy a dozen pairs of SOMS at once, because I am horrified at the idea that you may go out of production, and I cannot imagine wearing a different daily shoe.

    I really, really hope that I’m not going to regret buying in bulk. My red pair of SOMS that I so enthusiastically communicated with you about (check your e-mail history. I RAVED about these to you folks. Seriously, I walk on trails 4-5 miles a day in these things) is nearing the end. I just went to order a fresh pair. Needless to say, I’m a bit concerned.

    I understand that as a young/small/mindful company, you’re dealing with what – I hope – are growing pains. Love to know when I could hope to get a new pair of these amazing shoes. I am not a fashion person. I am not a sensationalist. I need these shoes.


    John McGuiggan

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