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Merino Wool Colorado Made Socks with Happy Toes Smile hanging on clothesline

Happy Toes SOM Socks - Few sizes available

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Celebrate free toes with socks that smile!

When your toes are happy, you know it.  Let your feet declare their happiness every time you put on this pair of cozy, merino wool socks.  Cut just above the ankle with an extra cushioned sole, these custom socks are a perfect companion to your SOMs.

This month receive a free headband when you order a pair of shoes at regular price, and a pair of made in Colorado socks for 35% off. Choice of colors and options will vary.

Merino wool is breathable in the summer and insulating in the winter, all while being naturally bacteria resistant.  Using only extra fine micron count wool for softness, these socks also feature extra durable reinforced heels and toes, ready for your SOM adventures.

  Made in Colorado

Our socks are made in Colorado in partnership with our friends at Save Our Soles, who provide quality performance socks.  They have a 2.5 inch cuff, extra cushioned sole, and should be laid flat to dry in order to preserve sizing.