Limited Edition Color and New Ways to Explore

The temperatures are dropping, but the best way to warm up at SOM is by releasing a limited edition color in our popular Cross Sport design, updating our website with new ways to explore, and releasing a new resoling guide with images and instructions on how to tell when your SOMs are ready for resoling.

Nutrail Cross Sport Blue - Limited Edition

The Cross Sport in Blue is a limited edition color that adds a vibrant energy to an already durable, flexible, zero drop shoe.

The same abrasion-resistant durability and soft-tongue flexibility in our Cross Sport, but with a pop of vibrant blue. This limited run of the blue Cross Sport will only be available while supplies last, so click here and don't miss out on this unique pair of active footwear!

New Ways to Explore

Casual or Sporty shoes give your feet options for whatever activity they're look for.

If you have visited our website recently, you will have noticed a new set of choices on the homepage. Casual and Sporty now provide visitors a direct path to the models tailored to what they’re looking to get out of their shoes. From everyday footwear for the office to hardcore sneakers for the mountain trail, SOM has your feet covered.

New Resoling Guide

Resoling information to determine when your SOMs are ready for new soles and what to do when they are.

SOM sneakers with our current “SOM”-branded cup soles have the ability to be resoled one time to extend the life of your favorite pair, but how do you know when they are ready? What signs should you look out for? And what are the steps for getting your shoes resoled? Our new resoling page, features images and guides on what to look for when judging the wear of your soles, as well as what steps to take when it is time to send us pictures for evaluation.

Future Pricing

For the past two years, we have worked to absorb the growing challenges and rising manufacturing costs without it affecting our pricing. Inflation is unavoidable, and the footwear industry is not immune. Articles, such as these from and, cite the rising costs of raw materials like rubber and cotton, as well as transport costs and shipping shortages as some of the reasons footwear prices are rising across the board.

We are proud to be an American-made business that utilizes as many American-made materials as possible, and despite not increasing our costs for the past months, we will have to raise our prices in 2022. What the new pricing will be and when it will occur are still being discussed, but rest assured we will implement the smallest possible increase while continuing to ensure the quality you’ve come to know and trust.

SOM Recent Reviews

Check out what recent fans of SOM are saying, and if you have a chance, leaving a review not only lets us hear from you, but your feedback helps reach new customers as well!

  • “I've enjoyed my first set of Trailheads and have just purchased pair number 2. I've started out wearing these shoes off and on, but now they're my go-to shoe for work, the gym, and just about everything else that doesn't require a boot.” -D.J. of Tuscaloosa, AL
  • “I have been wearing them [HiLite in Black] since 2021 everyday for work and my feet have not hurt once! ... highly recommend it to anyone who is working constantly on their feet!” -J.D. of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Very comfortable shoes. Before I learned of barefoot shoes, I found myself wearing a pair of Under Armour sandals most of the day. No arch, no drop, no constricting of my toes. Of course, you can't wear sandals for every activity so I was glad to find SOM footwear. The shoes [Nutrail Cross Sport] are lightweight, comfortable for nearly all day wearing, and look great. I wear them very loose or, like all shoes, the laces cause pain at the tops of my feet. Still, they don't slip off. I'm glad shoes like this exist.” -C.N. of Elkhorn, WI

Past Blogs

We use our blog to elaborate on questions we receive on a regular basis. Many conversations inspire us to delve deeper into specific topics. Below is a list of our most recent posts. You can find the complete list here.

A Year of Thanks

Thank you to all our customers' for making 2021 so successful.

As we close the curtain on 2021 and step into the spotlight of 2022, we want to thank our customers for making this year such an overwhelming success. From shoe launches to website changes to our local Factory 2nds Sale that helped benefit Partners Mentoring Youth Program of Delta, Montrose, and Ouray, your support drives us to work harder, smile wider, and dream bigger for what’s waiting on the horizon.


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