HiLite in Black HLN Black
Power knit fabric in a mid top style for barefoot-feel comfort and strength.
HiLite in Black HLN Black
Power knit fabric in a mid top style for barefoot-feel comfort and strength.
Power knit fabric in a mid top style for barefoot-feel comfort and strength.
Power knit fabric in a mid top style for barefoot-feel comfort and strength.
A zero drop, polyurethane, cup sole with 8mm thickness provides stability and flexibility to feel the surface beneath you as you step, giving you more control and balance as you move.
HiLite in Black HLN Black
HiLite in Black HLN Black
HiLite in Black HLN Black
HiLite in Black provides minimalist comfort with lightweight, mid top style.
HiLite in Black HLN Black
HiLite in Black is comfortable, breathable, durable, made in the usa, and great for any occasion.
Bring balance, strength, and flexiblity to your workouts.
Through resoling, our footwear becomes a renewable resourse for you to get miles and miles out of.
Made in America footwear, made in Colorado shoes for men and women.
HiLite in Black HLN Black

HiLite in Black HLN Black

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The upgrade to the Converse: no more squeezed toes and heavy sole.


Finally a real active barefoot-style mid-top sneaker (and STILL made in the USA!)

  • versatile active mid-top
  • lightweight and breathable
  • shield ankles from rocks and dirt
  • internal synthetic suede structure for added comfort against the foot.

Two different fabrics:

HiLite in Black HLN (w/ SuperFabric® with red lettering): water-repellent, abrasion-resistant durability. For outdoor activity or hiking mountain trails.

HiLite HLN2 (w/ Power Knit with gray lettering): lighter material and quick-drying quality. Perfect for exercising in the gym or outdoor activity in summer temperatures. The HLN2 is retiring - Only few sizes left.

This model  climbed the mountains Peru! See these shoes conquer EVERY ELEVATION.

Learn here how the shoemaker designed the HiLite. If you've ever wondered if mid-tops are healthy for your feet, you can read our point of view on the subject.

*Please note: The two slits at the back of the HiLite model are for added flexibility on the Achilles' tendon. They are NOT built to handle the weight of pulling the shoes on from these points.

Key Features:

  • Lacing: 7 holes provide accurate lacing. The shoes can be tightened using 6 or 7 holes depending on the activity. Oval black laces.
  • Weight: One size 9 shoe weighs 10.05 ounces (285 grams)
  • Made in the USA: We are the ONLY sneaker company in Colorado that manufactures ALL of our shoe models right here, from raw materials to finished products.
  • SOM Guarantee -We proudly stand behind every pair. If you find a defect in your pair in your first year, we’ll replace them. Visit this page for more details.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews

    This has been a godsend for my husband who is a high functioning quadriplegic. He can feel the ground better and the toebox protects his arthritic big toe from getting irritated. I only wish that instead of lace up that there could be a zippered/velcro option like the wrestling shoes he's been wearing for years. Well made, comfortable and good looking, just a bit difficult for me to get them on his feet!

    Perfect for almost every thing

    These shoes are perfect for anything from trail running to going around town. Amazing shoes will definitely buy again but these shoes are terrible for hunting in you make a shoe that is stiffer with deeper lugs I will buy it in a heartbeat

    You are the first hunter to say that. We are taking notes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    SOM Team

    LeRoy E
    Best Shoes on the Market!!!

    I’ve worn literally ALL the barefoot shoe brands over the last 5 years and since I transitioned to barefoot training/living, I can never go back!!! I recently purchased a pair of the Mid-Top Hilite’s (HLN in black with Red Lettering) and I can finally say that I’ve found my “PERFECT ALL-AROUND” shoe!!! It’s just thin enough (10mm stack height) to provide you with that ground feel feedback your feet need but just thick enough to protect your feet from sharp rocks on trails. I do literally EVERYTHING in these things!!! I lift, run, hike, ruck, walk the pup, compete in Tough Mudders and Spartan Races, and everything in between in these things!!! AND THE PATRIOT IN ME CRIES BEAUTIFUL RED, WHITE, & BLUE TEARS OF PRIDE BECAUSE THEIR MADE RIGHT IN THE GOOD OL’ U.S. of A.!!!! When I die of old age (God willing), my Will will contain specific instructions for my family to ensure I’m buried with my SOM’s ON!!! Thank you to all the employees at SOM Footwear!!! You guys are awesome!!!

    Your review lift up our spirits! Thank you for taking the time to write a review and share your heart feeling about your new SOMs. We are looking forward to hearing about your SOMs' adventures now!

    Hank F
    Cool shoes, but not minimal or barefoot

    Was hoping this would be the answer to my search for minimal high tops. Unfortunately they only tick the box of zero-drop.
    They are far, and I mean far, from being minimal or barefoot. The sole is the stiffest thickest sole. To the point where you can’t feel anything walking on grape sized rocks.

    I would not run in these. The stuff soles don’t lend themselves to forefoot running nor heel striking. So whichever way you run, these are not going to work.

    They don’t claim to be minimal or barefoot, but I guess I just expected it with the name Sense of Motion and the giant toe box.

    Definitely cool and unique looking, not in a dumb way like xeros. These definitely have style.

    They have the classic issue of the tongue slip. Where the tongue slips side to side because it isn’t anchored by the laces in any way.

    Huge points for style, dropped a star for a thick clunky sole.

    'Thank you for the review and feedback. We are unsure what your definition of barefoot shoes is, and not knowing what you usually wear it is hard to understand your points. What we are offering is an 8 mm sole that is a compromise between purest barefoot needs and people who prefer over-built shoes. The customers we have had for the past 9 years seem to appreciate that compromise. We are sorry we cannot fully meet your expectations'

    Kori J
    we all know most barefoot shoes look kinda funny...

    ...but these are best looking minimal shoes I've ever seen! I ordered the HLN with red lettering and I've gotten so many compliments on how sleek these look. They are also extremely well made and comfortable. The combination of aesthetic and build quality make these hands down my favorite shoe I own. These are really the only minimal shoe in my wardrobe that are fashionable enough to wear to photo-shoots and events. Please do not making sleek black hi-tops like these!!

    Thank you Kori for taking the time to write a review. We'll continue making sleek hi-tops! ;-)