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Why SOM?

The way you stand in your SOMs
is the same way you stand barefoot.
SOMs are made to serve feet.

SOMs are barefoot inspired sneakers made in the USA with lightweight yet durable materials.  Our shoes feature a roomy, wide toe box and a flat, flexible sole.  The natural footshape encourages you to rediscover your original sense of motion.  In SOMs, your toes have plenty of space to spread out and be free.  SOMs are your go to shoes that bring your feet back to a natural comfort, with your body following.  And, they are made in the USA.

Barefoot Inspired ShoeBarefoot Inspired ShoesBarefoot Inspired Shoe


What does this mean for your feet?

Feature: All of our shoes have a natural foot shaped sole.

What that means for you: The toes are the widest part of your foot, so it makes sense that the toe box should be the widest part of the shoe to match!

Most conventional footwear have a tapering, or narrow, toe box. This squeezes your toes into an unnatural position and can cause painful foot deformities like bunions.

Our foot shaped sole promotes natural foot function and encourages an easy gait. Having the luxury to spread your toes may also improve your balance and stability.



Feature: Lightweight and flexible.

What that means for you: Maximum comfort! Imagine having all the benefits of being barefoot but with slipper like comfort (and of course, protection from the environment).

Since our sole is soft and flexible it will allow your foot to function naturally.




Feature: Zero drop (flat from heel to toe). 

What that means for you: Without any heel elevation, your foot will be able to remain in its natural, neutral position just like if you were barefoot.