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The Silver Linings of the Covid Era and New Models

It is a pleasure to communicate with you after all those months of the Covid-19 era. We are happy to announce that our company is still going strong with many things happening, including: new SOM fun adventures merino wool socks; the Norwood makeover; a new sport model coming up; and two new team-members.

The silver linings of the Covid era

As a simple habit in our daily life, we like to look at the bright side and it was easy to find some silver linings in the pandemic we are all dealing with. The most important one to us is that the entire planet shares the same story. We now all have something in common.

Face-mask made in USA by SOMBecause of the virus, communities are much stronger together than they were before. We learned to care for one another just by wearing a mask, despite the annoyance it might be. As a manufacturer we researched the needs of our community and so learned how to make face-masks. It allowed us to maintain production activity during the first months of the shutdown. Our local first responders and medical workers were thankful that we designed the most comfortable and safe masks they could access at the time. 

We also noticed that our customers appreciate even more what being made in the USA means to them and we are so grateful for it.

SOM fun adventures merino wool socks

SOM fun merino wool socksIt is a delight to receive a new batch of fun socks made by our friends at Save Our Soles Colorado Made Socks. This time, we went back to our first flat-knitted style made with merino wool, and we brought back our state flag symbol on a bright blue cuff. We can’t wait for you to try them on! Find more info on the product page here.

Norwood makeover

Our Norwood in black canvas recently got a makeover after three years in production. With the same great comfort that you love, and boasting a much classier and sharper look, the Norwood Classic is more office-oriented, yet still provides the robust performance that you expect from your SOMs on all of your daily adventures! In addition, we chose an upper material that is also made in the USA (Maine), which adds an outstanding look while still being a “vegan” shoe. 

Norwood Classic, nice makeover after three years in the making, we love to see it improve and become more American.

All canvas models retiring

As you may already know, the main focus for our production team is constantly fine-tuning the manufacturing process. The challenge is to increase our capacity while maintaining our high quality standards. The retirement of all our canvas models is part of the steps we need to take in that process. We can’t say at the moment if we will be able to bring them back in the future, but we certainly appreciate your understanding while we are progressing during this growth phase. You can find here our ‘last chance’ models, which are now at a reduced price. Please remember there are only a few sizes left in each one.

All canvas models are retiring. Visit this page to see if your size is still available.

New sport model…

Some of you are already in on the secret. We’ve been working on a sport model that was to launch last spring - when COVID hit. Since then, we’ve experienced a few struggles in the manufacturing process for this specific model. So we had to push the deadline back to early fall...which is right around the corner! We are very excited about it and can’t wait to tell you more. For sure, we promise you the new model won’t be called Covid!!! We’ll make the official announcement in a couple of weeks when everything is in place to start manufacturing.

New team members

Ralph, our customer service representantWe are welcoming two new team members, Ralph and Thomas our shoemaker assistantTomas, to our workforce. Ralph is our new customer service representative who joins us with a substantial background in the field. He knows already how important it is to be true and honest with customers, which matches perfectly with our established SOM customer service philosophy. Thomas is the shoemaker assistant and is learning the subtleties of making shoes. He brings with him a variety of skills from different work experiences. One important quality of his is to be detail-oriented, a very important concept in our repetitive work.

Factory outlet store open hours

There are fewer people taking flights, and more people visiting the factory this summer, all masked up. We love to meet new people who are visiting our region. In addition to getting a factory tour, there is one other privilege of visiting the factory outlet store: discovering our factory’s seconds that are not advertised online and are at a reduced price. The outlet shoes are the same great shoes that SOM manufactures, but have a slight cosmetic flaw which doesn’t affect the shoes’ performance. Other shoes in our outlet are models that we have decided are no longer going to be produced, and have no flaws at all. Come and see what we have to offer!

We are now open to the public Monday-Thursday from 9am to 5pm. For factory group tour call our office at (970) 765-2616


Our shoe factory outlet store is open to the public Monday through Thursday.

Always here to help

Each of us is dedicated to serving you, providing you with a quality pair of shoes along with quality customer service. We fuel on your testimonials and it is always a joy to take the time together to read them. It cheers us up and reinforces why we are working hard to make the best shoes we can. To read more testimonials visit this page.

“Well Done SOM! You are helping so many feet.”
R.M. of Correct Toes in Portland, OR


“Use mine for hiking. Can’t beat them.”
A.P. of Trenton, MI

“Thank you! My husband says his new SOM shoes are the best ever. I look forward to wearing them too.“
J.S. of Alamogordo, NM

“My feet feel great. Speaks for itself about your shoes.”
M. M. from Kailua-Kona HI


  • Bought a set of Canvas SOMs as my entry into zero drop shoes. Haven’t taken them off since April, and sold my mom on a pair. Hard to overstate the quality and comfort, plus the ability to resole.

    Nick Heiny
  • Love my new pair! This is my second! Glad you are doing well and growing! Stay Well and keep your positive outlook, it’s contagious!

  • I only wear SOM shoes. Their shoes are so durable, I am actually growing impatient for a pair to wear out so I can buy a new pair. Best shoes ever.

    Bob Orabona
  • I wear my SOM shoes and my SOM mask every day.

    Jerry Gray

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