The only sneaker made in Colorado from raw materials to finished product!

Correct Toes Approved

Our sneakers are compatible with Correct Toes toe spacers.

All of our sneakers are Correct Toes Approved™.

Correct Toes Approved™ is Northwest Foot & Ankle's highest level of certification. It means the shoe meets their strictest criteria for natural foot health, and features:
-Zero Drop, in other words, no heel elevation
-No toe-spring (or appropriate yield to toe-spring)
-Widest at tips of toes, allows natural toe splay
-Flexible, allows natural motion of your foot
-Works well with Correct Toes toe spacers

Wear your Correct Toe toe spacers with your SOM shoes.

To learn more about Northwest Foot & Ankle and Correct Toes toe spacers, please visit their website here or our Correct Toes product page.