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In The Media

Every so often, we find ourselves in the media.  Whether we are the featured story or a brief mention, we keep the articles as part of our digital scrapbook.  Browse through them below and get a peek into our history.

Tim Bobart 09/16/17 SOM Footwear minimalist shoe review
KKCO11News 05/17/17 Montrose shoe company is making strides
KKCO11 News
CNN how to buy american over the holidays gift guide. 12/16/15

How to shop made in America for the holidays
CNN short list.

Birthday shoes barefoot shoe reviews. 9/28/15

Sense of Motion SP-L3 Review

The Monitor- Montrose, Telluride, Mountain Village, Ouray, Ridgway, Olathe, Delta. Summer 2015

SOM Footwear- Less is More

Your local shoe factory believes that less is more!

Bottom Line Personal 5/1/15

14 Products Still Made Here

Favorite American made products.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 4/16/15

Biz Buzz

People are talking about the new SO ME custom line!

The Montrose Mirror 4/13/15

Seniors WILD For SOM Footwear

EVERYONE loves SOM! With the new "SO Me" custom shoes project, there is something for everyone.


The Montrose Mirror 2/9/15

SOM Footwear Outlet Store Opens Friday!

Find out why we opened the outlet store and how it's contributing to our community.

Modern Hiker of California 2/3/15

Modern Hiker

A really great review of our SP-L3's, from the perspectives of two hikers in Southern California!

Correct Toes toe spacers. Correct foot issues. 1/13/15 

Correct Toes January Newsletter

SOM Footwear is Correct Toes' featured product for the month of January.

Adventure Guide to the Western San Juans- Montrose, Telluride, Ouray, Ridgway, Silverton, Durango, Moab, Crested Butte, Grand Junction.



Gear Guide

The Adventure Guide to the Western San Juans featured us in their Winter 2014-15 Gear Guide!

Only available in print at this time- Winter 2014-15 pg. 6


 The Sunshine Express- southern San Juan mountains

Dec 2014/

Jan 2015 

 Almost Barefoot

A nice article about the goals of our Kickstarter campaign.

 USA Lovelist resource for finding American made products.  12/15/14

USA Love List

SOM is featured as one of the top USA made shoe brands.


 Grand Junction Daily Sentinel  12/13/14

Happy Feet

A great article about the shoe making process and how SOM Footwear came to be.


 Montrose Daily Press  12/10/14

Rediscovering a 'Sense of Motion'

A nice article about our production facility here in Montrose, CO.


 KKCO news Grand Junction  12/3/14

New Sneaker Company Opens in Montrose

A great article and news segment about the history of SOM Footwear and our success thus far.

KJCT news 8 Grand Junction

New Sneaker Company Opens in Montrose

A great article and news segment about the history of SOM Footwear and our success thus far.


Montrose Style Telluride Style Fall/ Winter 2014-15

A Sense of Place

Only available in print at this time- Montrose Style Fall/Winter 2014-15 pg. 18

 Toe Salad review of SOM Footwear  11/21/14

SOM Footwear, Minimalist and Made in the USA

Toe Salad believes that "your feet are your foundation; footwear and foot health can make all the difference between success and failure over both the short and long term." That being said, they helped promote our Kickstater campaign!

Barefoot Inclined Review of American made SOM Footwear.  11/12/14

Minimalist and Foot Powered

Barefoot Inclined wrote a WONDERFUL review of our SP-L model!


 Montrose Mirror.  11/3/14

Help Kickstart a Montrose Company

A great article about our history, kickstarter campaign and the factory moving to Montrose.


Inventorz Network of Denver, Colorado 10/13/14

Denver News Segment

We were featured as one of the great new Colorado made products!

Kstar radio 9/18/14


Radio Spot

 The Watch Newspapers- Telluride, Ouray, Ridgway, Montrose Colorado  8/16/14

A Sense of Motion Finds a Home in Montrose

A great article introducing the community to SOM Footwear. Learn what inspired us to make shoes and how we chose Montrose for our base.

 Colorado Outdoor featuring SOM Footwear.  3/23/14

Colorado Brands with Colorado Goods

SOM Footwear is listed on their great list of Colorado brands!


The Norwood Post Telluride Colorado 10/3/12

Norwood Gets a Sense of Motion

A great article from back when we first started making shoes! Find out how we settled on the design we use today.