What a pleasure it is to communicate with all of you, the best supporters in the World!  Right away we can tell you that we are at the end of the long stretch you've been witnessing.  And unless we get another "road block", the shoes should be up and ready to ship anytime soon.  We won't tire you with another date: instead get ready to find your original sense of momentum with SOM Footwear - I know we have!

To satisfy your curiosity, here's what's been happening since we went to Maine (see SOM ... April News).  Well, as you know, we were really excited about the Maine company, so you can imagine our disappointment when we got setbacks with them too.  To give you an example, we have been waiting since April 1st for them to ship parts to us - parts already paid for! - which were scheduled to be delivered with the equipment.  To add to that, our phone calls and emails rarely receive a reply.  But frustration and vexation will not stop us!

We flew in a technical specialist in fine tuning shoe-making equipment.  A rare bird, hard to find in this country - there aren't many of them in the USA for this industry - but what an important and necessary element for any shoe factory!!!  (You'll understand better when we send you the video showing the complexity of these machines).

Despite the ongoing issues, we managed to go to a big trade show in Mexico for equipment and we were able to resolve some technical matter while there.  We have also started shopping for fabric for our next shoe model, which has to be planned out a while in advance.

With all that said, please stay tuned for the official shipping date!

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