A New Way to Buy and Size

With a brand-new sneaker, redesigned free shipping options, and a new way to find your shoe size at home, summer may be over, but SOM is just heating up.

Flexible in motion. Durable in design.

The Nutrail Cross sport offers our most flexible, durable sneaker to date.

The Nutrail Cross Sport provides a lightweight lacing system and fixed neoprene tongue to hug your feet without tying them down, while abrasion-resistant/water-repellent SuperFabric® stands up to whatever your feet can throw at it. From treadmill to dog park to mountain trail, attack your activity with our toughest, softest sneaker to date. You can check them out here.

Free Shipping and SOM VIP

SOM VIP includes free shipping and the ability to exchange to resize your shoes for free.

We have given our customers choice at the checkout by launching free domestic shipping alongside SOM VIP: a new benefits system replacing Shipping Prime. While Shipping Prime has granted services no other shoe company can deliver, from one free exchange to $5 off repeat purchases, we have separated this membership from shipping and turned it into its own VIP option at checkout. We have always treated our customers like VIPs, and this will never change, but for those who want the added rewards of resizing, repeat customer discounts, and one free resoling to extend the life of their favorite SOMs, selecting one year of SOM VIP will be an available choice. You can find more information about SOM VIP and the transition from Shipping Prime, on our blog.

A New Way to Find Your Fit

Printable outlines in all of our sizes to find your shoe size in the comfort of you home.

In addition to our sizing chart, we have added printable sizing outlines to our website. If you are in between sizes and unsure which to choose, with a printer and some paper, you can download, print out, and stand on any of our sizing outlines in the comfort of your home. You can find our sizing outlines here with detailed instructions on how to use them to find your ideal fit.

Soon to Retire Nutrail in Blue

The Nutrail in Hayloft Blue are close to retiring. Get your size before this shoe is out of production.

The Nutrail in Hayloft Blue will be retiring. This was our first soft-tongue lacing design, which has continued since into our Cross Sport model. The original Nutrail in Hayloft Blue created a striking visual with its 100% cotton pattern. To secure your size in this truly unique shoe, click here before they are out of production and out of stock.

A Sumptuous Retirement

Urban Trekkers in Sumptuous Red have retired. Only selected sizes in stock.

Our Urban Trekkers in Sumptuous Red reached the end of their production life in June and our enjoying their remaining days in retirement. If you are interested in grabbing a pair of this bold faux leather shoe, click here to see what sizes are still available, because once it's gone, it won’t be coming back.

SOM Recent Reviews

Check out what recent fans of SOM are saying, and if you have a chance, leaving a review not only lets us hear from you, but your feedback helps reach new customers as well!

  • "Great Shoes! I received my pair yesterday, and am wearing them at work today. These shoes are awesome. They look great off and on, and feel fantastic. Nice and lightweight! Easy to put on and take off without any annoyance. The laces are great. Fantastic shoe! I highly recommend the Nutrail Cross Sport." -T.H. of Canton, GA
  • "New favorite shoe [Trailhead]. After wearing FiveFingers religiously since 2006, I took a chance on these and am glad I did. Winter is always rough and wool toe socks don't do enough for me. So back to normal footwear, but along with that came the pains of footwear so I searched for an alternative to the Fivefingers. Not only can I layer up my feet with good socks in winter but they don't get as gross as fast lol, are made in Colorado, and provide more comfort for situations like walking on concrete. To add to that, they are very friendly and dedicated to their product and are not on the otherside of the world so there's an element of customer service that is valuable and rare these days (thank you!). I'm hooked! Give it a shot ;)" -C.M. of Silver Spring, MD
  • "My all weather HiLite / highlight! I love my new shoes. I actually feel like I have a shoe that works with the changing seasons because of the mid rise. They are so comfortable which I didn't expect when I first saw them. Most shoes that come to my ankle bother me and hurt. These are so soft and add protection from the trails I've been hiking. Also I imagine I'll wear them as the the snow begins to fly. They add a little warmth since my ankles are covered. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all my SOM shoes." -M.K. of Gunnison, CO


  • Thank you for your question. SOM Footwear is made from raw materials under the same roof in Colorado.

    SOM Team
  • Where are your ( Shoes Made ! ) Hopefully in the USA

    John Marchese

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