The Senses of SOM: New Shoes, Content, and Shipping Changes

It’s hard to look outside the window without seeing the changes of April blossoming and taking root. Spring grows stronger each day, and we welcome its long-awaited sights, sounds, and smells with new senses of our own. From the sensation of new shoes for enhanced workouts to four new pages of content to new shipping changes with a closing window for savings, now is the time to take advantage of all that's new at SOM Footwear!

Nutrail Air

Nutrail Air uses flex mesh material for increased breathability and lightness

From CrossFit to weightlifting to other high-intensity training, our Nutrail Air trainers for men and women combine the soft-tongue lacing system of our popular Nutrail Cross Sport model with a flexible, high-resistance mesh for enhanced breathability and strength. While the rest of you is sweating, give your toes room to breathe! Available in GRAY or BLACK laces.

HiLite in Black 2

HiLite in Black 2 HLN2 uses power knit fabric for a lighter, more breathable mid top style

You now have two options when selecting our popular mid top model: The HiLite in Black HLN2 with Power Knit or the original HiLite in Black with SuperFabric.

The HiLite in Black HLN 2 (w/ Power Knit) is lighter and more breathable than it's predecessor, while offering  quick-drying, abrasion-resistant durability. Perfect for outdoor activity in the hot summer temperatures.

The Four Senses of SOM

Four senses of SOM Footwear are improving foot strength and health, environmental sustainability, made in usa quality, and allowing you to find adventure wherever your feet can take you.

On our homepage and throughout our website, we have added new ways to explore the four senses of SOM Footwear: our Sense of Strength, Footprint, Community, and Adventure. Sense of Strength details the many ways our barefoot-feel shoes improve your balance, strength and movement through finding your natural step. Sense of Footprint features our steps to create sustainable footwear that lessens our carbon footprint. Sense of Community highlights the advantages of producing American-made shoes in Montrose, Colorado since 2014. Lastly, Sense of Adventure is about you, our customers, who excite, teach, and inspire us with every picture and story they share. We will be adding more to these senses in the future, but we encourage you to visit them now to see all the ways SOM Footwear

Changes to Shipping Coming Soon

As inflation reaches a four-decade high, every facet of life is affected, from groceries to mortgages to manufacturing costs. For the past three years, we have worked to absorb these growing challenges without it affecting our pricing, but one area where this is no longer feasible is shipping.

    To learn more about these changes, please visit HERE.

    Free shipping is still available until May 16th, so hurry and place your orders now to take advantage of this limited time savings.

    Order before May 16th to enjoy the benefits of free shipping domestically.

    Maintenance Break Approaching

    Our annual maintenance break is almost here. From April 27th to May 16th, our factory and offices will be closed. Order by April 24th, and we will do are best to ship them out without delays.

    SOM Recent Reviews

    Check out what recent fans of SOM are saying, and if you have a chance, leaving a review not only lets us hear from you, but your feedback helps reach new customers as well:

    • "Love the shoes. I wear them every day." J.J. of Glen Rose, TX
    • "Life gets hard, so I had been working a part time job where I was on my feet all evening. I had tried a few different things, but the day I got my SOM shoes, I thrived them. Great stuff. No hamstring tightness no Achilles pain, no back pain. So I kicked around in them a couple days and then tried them on an 11 mile walk. I took my Naots with me in the backpack in case. The SOM shoes performed amazing. Thank you. I will be ordering more.” -R.N. of Simpsonville, SC
    • "Easily the most comfortable shoes ever. I've never been to the store, but I appreciate American made products and want to support local businesses. I've had two pairs of SOM shoes and will likely continue to buy them in the future. I love the fact that they can be resoled instead of just throwing away a perfectly suited pair of shoes. My shoes have been so sturdy and high quality, while also being comfortable and good looking... I'll never go back to sweatshop shoes! SOM customer service is also excellent." -I.S.
    • "So… I bought it to support American manufacturing. I had been a little disappointed when I pulled them out of the box (expecting a fluffier shoe), but that quickly changed. I didn’t even know I needed a shoe like this until I wore it for a week. My feet feel 100% better. They look brand new still after a year too! They’ve also gotten more comfortable over time. I honestly don’t even need laces at this point, because they fit my foot so well."- D.P.

    Recent Blogs

    We use our blog to elaborate on questions we receive on a regular basis. Many conversations inspire us to delve deeper into specific topics. Below is a list of our most recent posts. You can find the complete list here.

    Trust your feet with barefoot shoes because traditional footwear over-engeneers shoes to cause for longer discomfort and pain


    • Hello, Jim. Our trainers are made in the USA, just like all of our other models. We pride ourselves on making quality handmade footwear from our factory in Montrose, Colorado and would never have it any other way. Take care.

    • I have SOMs, and love them. Lately I’ve been looking for trainers. Are the trainers made in USA?

      Jim Ellsworth

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